Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time Regained

Below, link to a blog that discusses the film, Time Regained. I saw this film years ago at an art house in Cambridge, MA. Being Cambridge, the audience was fairly large. Catherine Deneuve played Odette, putting a new slant on Odette, who of course rises in the world and into society from her days in the demi-mondaine. The man who played Proust looked like Proust, and since Time Regained is my favorite volume, I liked it a lot. Who knew Proust could be put into a film? It still boggles the mind.


In my own worn volume, I read and re-read the introduction ok of Robert Saint-Loup en Bray. What a name, eh? Seems perfect. His description is also so perfect. How could Proust write that many good words? His feat boggles the mind. I hope to write just a few.

The other Odette

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