Monday, January 22, 2007

Beef Stew

Beef stew was the first food mentioned in Proust. I started last night with a few pages of Swann's Way. Fell asleep on the sofa while reading, a very pleasant, relaxing experience. Awakening on the sofa is usually disorienting --one expects to wake up in bed, but last night it was rather pleasant.My slumber hadn't become deep and unconscious yet.

My weirdest waking up experience was on an aircraft flying into Phoenix. It was very late east coast time, and I was soundly asleep. When the pilot let the wheels down, I thought the noise was a loud clap of thunder. Thinking I was home in bed, I grabbed my husband's hand, except it was the hand of the woman sitting next to me. She was kindly and we had a good laugh, when I explained what had happened. Normally, I don't sleep that deeply on an airplane. I think Proust would understand such an experience.

This recipe sounded good. Maybe it is similiar to what the narrator and his family ate at Combray.



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