Friday, November 10, 2006

Sonata CD arrived

I am underwhelmed by the Saint-Saens sonata. It's going to require my sitting down and listening with concentration a few times. Not that it's bad. I just didn't find it as riveting as Marcel did and wasn't even sure I correctly identified the petite phrase. Oh well. Must be a problemo with my tin ear.

Off to a writer's conference which mayhap will inspire.


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Anonymous said...

How I know that feeling. Ten years ago or so I was inspired by Anthony Storr's wonderful book "The Secret Power of Music" to search out Rembrandt's "The Jewish Bride" in Amsterdam - which Storr describes as the single most 'profound depiction of human love' he had ever seen.

And it was a terrible disappointment.

But that has to be the way of these things. The soil and seasons have to be right. It took me so many attempts to get into Proust until the time was right for me and swallowed it in one long summer's read about twenty years ago now. Now on my third time through and it is richer than ever.

Great blog btw

Des Brady